About Quotes and Thoughts

Hai there!

Welcome to Quotes and Thoughts.

Myself Ashlin Thekkan living in a place known as God’s Own Country – Kerala, India.

I have started Quotes and Thoughts out of my interest in reading and collecting good Quotes and Thoughts.

I aggregate, curate & write on topics related to Quotes and Thoughts.

Over the last 10 years, I have collected a lot of quotes that really helped me to think right and do right.

And when I found myself really passionate about collecting great quotes and thoughts, I started looking for platforms through which I share my collection to the public and I found that starting a blog on good quotes and thoughts is the right platform for me.

And that helped me to become the founder of Quotes and Thoughts, “The Largest Library Of Great Quotes And Thoughts!”.

How can you contact me?

My personal number +91 9567374942

Email – [email protected]

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