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I pray on the principle that wine knocks the cork out of a bottle. There is an inward fermentation, and there must be a vent. – Henry Ward Beecher


Pythagoras said that the time when men are honestest, is when they present themselves before the gods. If we can overhear the prayer, we shall know the man. – Ralph Waldo Emerson, “Prayers,” in The Dial, July 1842


God punishes us mildly by ignoring our prayers and severely by answering them. – Richard J. Needham


When we pray to God we must be seeking nothing — nothing. – Saint Francis of Assisi


“Give us this day our daily bread” is probably the most perfectly constructed and useful sentence ever set down in the English language. – P.J. Wingate


Prayer does not change God, but it changes him who prays. – Søren Kierkegaard


No one is a firmer believer in the power of prayer than the devil; not that he practices it, but he suffers from it. – Guy H. King


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Trouble and perplexity drive me to prayer and prayer drives away perplexity and trouble. – Philip Melanchthen


Don’t pray when it rains if you don’t pray when the sun shines. – Satchel Paige, 1974


The value of consistent prayer is not that He will hear us, but that we will hear Him. – William McGill


You don’t always have to pray for something, or to someone — you can just, simply, pray. – Terri Guillemets


Prayer may not change things for you, but it for sure changes you for things. – Samuel M. Shoemaker


Two hands working can do more than a thousand clasped in prayer. – Author Unknown


Give a man a fish, and you’ll feed him for a day; give him a religion, and he’ll starve to death while praying for a fish. – Author Unknown


I prayed for twenty years but received no answer until I prayed with my legs. – Frederick Douglass, escaped slave


Practical prayer is harder on the soles of your shoes than on the knees of your trousers. – Austin O’Malley


As long as there are tests, there will be prayer in schools. – Author Unknown


When we talk to God, we’re praying. When God talks to us, we’re schizophrenic. – Jane Wagner, In Search for Signs of Intelligent Life in the Universe, 1985, performed by Lily Tomlin


We have to pray with our eyes on God, not on the difficulties. – Oswald Chambers


Prayer is that hunger for union which never lets go of us. It beats into our blood with the very beat of our hearts. It is a thirst that can be quenched by nothing except God. It is as if one’s whole body is poised on tiptoe, our hands stretching upward as if to touch the cosmos. – Catherine de Hueck Doherty, Soul of My Soul: Reflections from a Life of Prayer, 1985


When a man is at his wits’ end it is not a cowardly thing to pray, it is the only way he can get in touch with Reality. – Oswald Chambers


Many people pray as if God were a big aspirin pill; they come only when they hurt. – B. Graham Dienert


Prayer is when you talk to God; meditation is when you listen to God. – Author Unknown


Prayer is not merely an occasional impulse to which we respond when we are in trouble: prayer is a life attitude. – Walter A. Mueller


The Lord’s Prayer may be committed to memory quickly, but it is slowly learnt by heart. – Frederick Denison Maurice


I used to think the Lord’s Prayer was a short prayer; but as I live longer, and see more of life, I begin to believe there is no such thing as getting through it. If a man, in praying that prayer, were to be stopped by every word until he had thoroughly prayed it, it would take him a lifetime. – Henry Ward Beecher


Deep down in me I knowed it was a lie, and He knowed it. You can’t pray a lie — I found that out. – Mark Twain


It is good for us to keep some account of our prayers, that we may not unsay them in our practice. – Matthew Henry


Prayer gives a man the opportunity of getting to know a gentleman he hardly ever meets. I do not mean his maker, but himself. – William Inge


Grow flowers of gratitude in the soil of prayer. – Terri Guillemets


If we could all hear one another’s prayers, God might be relieved of some of his burdens. – Ashleigh Brilliant


If we refuse to pray until we can elucidate the mystery of prayer, we are as foolish as a man would be who would shut off the rain from his garden until he understands the balancings of the clouds. – Alfred Rowland, “The Clouds: God’s Angels of the Sea,” in The Sunday Magazine(London), 1884


Prayers not felt by us are seldom heard by God. – Philip Henry


Let your prayers be humble, short, but energick. – Countess Dowager of Carlisle, Thoughts in the Form of Maxims addressed to Young Ladies, on their First Establishment in the World, 1790  [Isabella Howard (1721–1795) —tεᖇᖇ¡·g]


The trouble with our praying is, we just do it as a means of last resort. – Will Rogers


To be present is to be prayerful. – Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh


I tried to sweat my life into beauty, and then one day I thought I would sit me down in the furrows. I would stop the wheels long enough to enlist God. I would stop the mad rush that hour, that moment, and sit me down and pray. I would come with tranquility, with repose of the flesh, with the institution of easement and peace…. I would lift with my yearning that which I could not lift with my arms. The potency of my prayer would be mightier than brawn and swifter than feet. – Muriel Strode (1875–1964), “A Soul’s Faring: XXVI,” A Soul’s Faring, 1921


When you pray, rather let your heart be without words than your words without heart. – John Bunyan


And help us, this and every day, to live more nearly as we pray. – John Keble


I believe in God, and that there are pieces of him, called love and goodness, in everyone. I also believe in prayer, not the memorized type mumbled in church but the spontaneous kind spoken, ironically, in the last breath of the day, when the lamp has been dimmed and the bedspread drawn down, and it’s just you and those pieces of God in you, alone…. I suspect that when a man grows too big to kneel, then he is destined to fall. – Joe Kita, “God,” Wisdom of Our Fathers, 1999


I believe in prayer. It’s the best way we have to draw strength from heaven. – Josephine Baker


In times of steady calm and extraordinary change alike, Americans of all walks of life have long turned to prayer to seek refuge, demonstrate gratitude, and discover peace. Sustaining us through great uncertainty and moments of sorrow, prayer allows us an outlet for introspection, and for expressing our hopes, desires, and fears. – Barack Obama, 2016 May 4th, of National Day of Prayer


Prayer must never be answered: if it is, it ceases to be prayer and becomes correspondence. – Oscar Wilde


Saying one’s prayers isn’t exactly the same thing as praying…. – L.M. Montgomery, Anne of Green Gables


Prayer is the soul’s sincere desire,
Uttered or unexpressed;
The motion of a hidden fire
That trembles in the breast.
– James Montgomery, What is Prayer?


Prayer is communication with the Divine. It can be whispered or chanted or written or expressed in the work you do. However it is expressed, it is never in vain. – Donna Wilk Cardillo


It is not well for a man to pray cream and live skim milk. – Henry Ward Beecher


We thank on our knees
with folded hands
for full bellies
and fuller hearts.
– Terri Guillemets, “Whole body, whole spirit,” 2019


Certain thoughts are prayers. There are moments when, whatever be the attitude of the body, the soul is on its knees. – Victor Hugo, Les Misérables, 1862


I cannot pray!—
My soul is at war with God!
– Edgar A. Poe, Politian, 1835 (Lalage)


Prayer is for the grateful and for the grateful-to-be. – Terri Guillemets


Complaint is the largest tribute heaven receives and the sincerest part of our devotion. – Jonathan Swift


I have been driven many times to my knees by the overwhelming conviction that I had nowhere else to go. – Abraham Lincoln


It is not eloquence, but earnestness, not the definition of helplessness, but the feeling of it; not figures of speech, but compunction of soul. – Hannah More, “Prayer,” Practical Piety


God can pick sense out of a confused prayer. – Richard Sibbes


Prayer is the coin paid to Gratitude. – Terri Guillemets


Pray, v. To ask that the laws of the universe be annulled in behalf of a single petitioner confessedly unworthy. – Ambrose Bierce, The Devil’s Dictionary, 1911


I often pray, though I’m not really sure Anyone’s listening; and I phrase it carefully, just in case He’s literary. – Mignon McLaughlin, The Second Neurotic’s Notebook, 1966


Prayer requires more of the heart than of the tongue. – Adam Clarke


when it’s a glorious day
I pray
it’s a glorious day
when I pray
– Terri Guillemets


My father prayed because he had a good Friend with whom to share the problems of the day. – Corrie Ten Boom, Clippings from My Notebook


When we pray, our hearts glow a glorious joy that lights our souls and all the world around us. – Terri Guillemets


God always answers our prayers, but sometimes the answer is no. – Author Unknown


God speaks in the silence of the heart. Listening is the beginning of prayer. – Mother Teresa


It is of course possible to dance a prayer. – Terri Guillemets


Have I the courage of my prayers? I pray for a thing, but if it came, am I sure I should have the fortitude to accept it? Have I the capacity to accept truth? We pray, and have not the courage to accept the answer to our prayers — and still we pray.
We invite a thing to depart, and then nail it down for fear it will. We pray for our misery to go, and when it gets up to do so, we go over and lock the door. We cry for freedom, and we cry harder when we get it. – Muriel Strode (1875–1964), “A Soul’s Faring: LXXVII,” A Soul’s Faring, 1921


Prayer is a triumph, in whatever form. – Terri Guillemets


There come times when I have nothing more to tell God. If I were to continue to pray in words, I would have to repeat what I have already said. At such times it is wonderful to say to God, “May I be in Thy presence, Lord? I have nothing more to say to Thee, but I do love to be in Thy presence.” – O. Hallesby


Divine Protector! let my prayer
Be wafted on the morning air,
Bright as the bird that soars on high,
Light as the breeze which fans the sky,
Swift as the light’ning through the air…
All nature flows in rapturous lay,
Life beams in one eternal ray…
The prayer of soul—the soul of prayer,
How unrestrained upon the air,
As perfume from the beauteous flower
Is breathed in sweetness more than power,
So let our incense fill the air
With deep humility and prayer.
– “The Prayer of Soul,” written from impression by the spirit of Mrs. Hemans, by Mrs. H.A. Adams (medium), in The Sacred Circle, Volume I, edited by Judge Edmonds, Dr. Dexter, and O.G. Warren, 1855


When prayers go up, blessings come down. – Author unknown


Pray so hard your words glow in the dark. – Terri Guillemets


When you bow deeply to the universe, it bows back; when you call out the name of God, it echoes inside you. – Morihei Ueshiba


Our prayers make beggars of us all. We pray for blessings, when they can only be evolved; for peace when it is a result; and for grace when it is a growth.
We ask as alms that which is ours by divine diligence. We pray for things to be bestowed that have their origin only in us, and for things to be given that are already in our possession. – Muriel Strode (1875–1964), “A Soul’s Faring: LXXXVII,” A Soul’s Faring, 1921


Whatever a man prays for, he prays for a miracle. Every prayer reduces itself to this: “Great God, grant that twice two be not four.” – Ivan Turgenev


Some days my prayer is a rainfall of tears, other days the sunshine of joy, and sometimes it’s a sheltering umbrella — but no matter what I’m weathering in my life, my prayer is first and always the infinite horizon of gratitude. – Terri Guillemets


Most people do not pray; they only beg. – George Bernard Shaw


Prayer is glue for broken souls. – Terri Guillemets


Prayer draws us near to our own souls. – Herman Melville, Mardi and A Voyage Thither, 1849


Sometimes prayers collide and miracles are born. – Terri Guillemets


Prayer is more than meditation. In meditation, the source of strength is one’s self. When one prays, he goes to a source of strength greater than his own. – Anne Louise Germaine de Staël-Holstein


To give thanks in solitude is enough. Thanksgiving has wings and goes where it must go. Your prayer knows much more about it than you do. – Victor Hugo


What we usually pray to God is not that His will be done, but that He approve ours. – Helga Bergold Gross


Prayer lights your soul through dark times. – Terri Guillemets


We must move from asking God to take care of the things that are breaking our hearts, to praying about the things that are breaking His heart. – Margaret Gibb


We cannot ask in behalf of Christ what Christ would not ask Himself if He were praying. – A.B. Simpson


Our prayers should be for blessings in general, for God knows best what is good for us. – Socrates


Just pray for a tough hide and a tender heart. – Ruth Graham


The candle of prayer answers the darkness. – Terri Guillemets


God tells us to burden him with whatever burdens us. – Author Unknown


You know I ain’t never prayed before
‘Cause it always seemed to me
That prayin’s the same as beggin’ Lord,
I don’t take no charity.
– Steve Earle, “Tom Ames’ Prayer,” 1994


Before we can pray, “Lord, Thy Kingdom come,” we must be willing to pray, “My Kingdom go.” – Alan Redpath


Some people think that prayer just means asking for things, and if they fail to receive exactly what they asked for, they think the whole thing is a fraud. – Gerald Vann


Prayer is the balloon of faith by which the soul rises heavenward. – James Lendall Basford (1845–1915), Seven Seventy Seven Sensations, 1897


Who rises from prayer a better man, his prayer is answered. – George Meredith


Pray on the shadowy hillsides of hardship and on the sunny highlands of happiness. – Terri Guillemets


God has editing rights over our prayers. He will… edit them, correct them, bring them in line with His will and then hand them back to us to be resubmitted. – Stephen Crotts


Be thankful that God’s answers are wiser than your answers. – William Culbertson


Prayer is the language of a man burdened with a sense of need. – E.M. Bounds


Oh! none are so absorb’d, as not to feel
Sweet thoughts like music coming o’er the mind:
When prayer, the purest incense of a soul,
Hath risen to the throne of heaven, the heart
Is mellow’d, and the shadows that becloud
Our state of darken’d being, glide away;…
– Robert Montgomery, “Beautiful Influences,” A Universal Prayer; Death; A Vision of Heaven; and A Vision of Hell; &c. &c., 1829


Prayer is exhaling the spirit of man and inhaling the spirit of God. – Edwin Keith


When you are unwell, you must cough, sneeze, and ache prayer. – Terri Guillemets


Prayer is the spirit speaking truth to Truth. – Philip James Bailey


The Lord longs to hear all of our concerns — any concern too small to be turned into a prayer is too small to be made into a burden. – Corrie Ten Boom, Clippings from My Notebook


Call on God, but row away from the rocks. – Indian Proverb

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