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Abraham Lincoln once said that ‘If you’re a racist, I will attack you with the North, and these are the principles I carry with me in the workplace. – Michael Scott


I am running away from my responsibilities. And it feels good. – Michael Scott


I used to be obese. Once you’ve conquered obesity, everything else is easy. Life literally moves in slow motion. I’m not saying I’m Superman but let me just put it this way. If I were shot in the head, I’m pretty sure everything would be fine. I’d almost welcome it. – Deangelo Vickers


That is sort of an oaky afterbirth. – Michael Scott


I’m not usually the butt of the joke. I’m usually the face of the joke. – Michael Scott


As it turns out, you can’t just check someone into rehab against their will. They have to do it voluntarily. They have to hit rock bottom. So, I think I know what I need to do at this point. I need to find ways to push Meredith to the bottom. Um. I think I can do it. – Michael Scott




I feel God in this Chili’s tonight. – Pam Beesly


I am Beyoncé, always. – Michael Scott


I don’t talk trash, I talk smack. They’re totally different. Trash talk is hypothetical, like: Your mom is so fat she can eat the internet. But smack talk is happening like right now. Like: You’re ugly and I know it for a fact ’cause I got the evidence right there. – Kelly Kapoor


I don’t care what they say about me. I just want to eat. Which I realize is a lot to ask for. At a dinner party. – Pam Beesley

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